What Veneers Can Do for You!

What Veneers Can Do for You!

Veneers can do a lot for you, even if your smile has numerous imperfections that can’t be corrected with other types of cosmetic veneerstreatments. Let Dr. Ralph Mazzuca, a dentist serving patients in Washington, DC, model your teeth for veneers at a consultation to show you how your smile can look in a matter of weeks.

What Veneers Can Do for You
Take a close look at your smile and identify what you don’t like about it. Is it jagged edges or chips in the surface? Large or tiny gaps between the teeth? Have your teeth become severely discolored over time and you can no longer whiten them with bleaching agents? Maybe you have a few teeth that are crooked or protruding. Veneers can help with all of these issues and more. They are individual, translucent dental wafers that cover imperfections when applied with a dental bonding agent. The bonding material is shaded to best fit your smile. It doesn’t matter how flawed your front teeth are -- veneers can fix them up.

The Convenience of Veneers
It isn’t always viable to wait months or years to see a drastic improvement in the shape, positioning, or color of your smile. Veneers are a shortcut for patients who need to see a significant cosmetic change inside of a month’s time. You’ll need to visit your Washington, DC, dentist on two or three occasions to complete the treatment, then you can reveal your new smile to the world. Veneers will better your smile for about 10 or more years, and also provide you with a level of dental enamel protection.

Today's Veneers Look More Natural
Some patients are worried that veneers will make their teeth look chunky or fake. But modern veneer modeling technology allows Dr. Mazzuca to create a smile that looks natural in size, color, and the way each tooth is contoured. Be prepared for the day when you finally see how a smile makeover can brighten up your whole face and renew your self-confidence.

Enhance Your Smile
It’s worth exploring what veneers can do for you and your smile, especially if you’ve been unhappy with the way your front teeth look for some time now. Call (202) 537-1088 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mazzuca at his office in Washington, DC!