Types of Dentures Available

Types of Dentures Available

If you have spaces and gaps in your smile due to tooth loss, consider having them filled in with dentures. Nowadays, these specialty denturesappliances are so realistic that others won't even be able to distinguish them from your natural teeth. Read on to learn of the different types of dentures that are available so that you can be prepared to discuss them with Dr. Ralph Mazzuca, your dentist in Washington DC.

Benefits of Dentures
Dentures aren’t just for seniors—many young to middle-aged adults can also benefit from wearing these appliances after tooth loss. Think about the advantages of being fitted for a specialty denture device:

- They allow you to eat your favorite foods again.
- They look very natural and can be shaped to resemble your original smile.
- They cover and protect your gumline throughout the day to minimize the chance of gum infections.
- They can be refitted and adjusted over time to ensure a comfortable fit.

Types of Dentures
There are two main categories of dentures—full and partial. The full dentures are created to cover the entire gumline and stay in place through tight suctioning. The partial dentures are made to fill in spaces where one or a few teeth are missing. They are anchored by the remaining teeth. Other denture types that your Washington DC dentist can provide include immediate dentures, which are placed immediately after extraction, and implant-supported dentures, which are anchored by a few well-placed dental implants.

Adjusting to and Maintaining Your New Dentures
It could take some time for you to get used to your new dentures—especially if you’ve been living with tooth loss for an extended period of time. However, you will eventually return to speaking and eating normally. It’s important to pay attention to both your dentures and your oral health by keeping everything clean with brushing and flossing (if you have remaining teeth). Your denture should be soaked in a solution recommended by your dentist each night.

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