FAQs About Dentures

FAQs About Dentures

Are you interested in dentures? Do you want to ask your Washington D.C. dentist, Dr. Ralph Mazzuca, some questions, but would like to dentureshave a background about dentures first? Well, let us give you a quick run through of frequently asked questions.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances made out of plastic or acrylic resin that is combined with different types of metals. They can be worn by people who have lost some or all of their teeth due to a variety of reasons:

  • Injury while playing a sport
  • Tooth decay because of poor oral hygiene
  • Disease, such as gum disease

What are some types of dentures?

  • Full/Complete Dentures: These types of dentures are used to replace all of your teeth. There are also immediate dentures, which you wear while you're transitioning into your permanent dentures, conventional full dentures, which are permanent and fit over your teeth with perfection, and implant-supported overdentures, which typically use dental implants to support upper and/or lower dentures.
  • Partial Dentures: On the other hand, partial dentures fill in the gaps and spaces caused by missing teeth and help prevent other teeth from changing their position. There are transitional partial dentures, which are used while your gums heal before a dental implant, and removable partial dentures, which is used instead of dental implants and bridges.

Who is a candidate for dentures?

If you're missing teeth, whether some teeth or all of your teeth, you are a good candidate. You should go to your Washington dentist for a more thorough evaluation and assessment of the health of your teeth and if any other procedures are necessary before getting dentures.

How do I care for dentures?

Make sure to rinse, floss and brush dentures while the dentures are in your mouth. This will ensure the removal of food debris. If your dentures aren't in your mouth, completely immerse them into water to prevent them from becoming warped.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your Washington, D.C. dentist Dr. Ralph Mazzuca.