How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile

How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile

A root canal from your dentist in Washington D.C. can relieve your tooth pain

You’ve probably heard a lot about root canal treatment, but did you know it can save your smile? It’s true! When you undergo root canal therapy, it can relieve tooth pain for good and still allow you to keep your smile intact. Dr. Ralph T. Mazzuca in Washington D.C. offers a full range of dental services, including root canal therapy to save your smile.

More about Root Canal Treatment

You may need a root canal because you have suffered an injury to the face or acquired severe tooth decay. In these scenarios, the innermost layer of your tooth (where the nerves and the blood supply are located) has become infected, causing inflammation, fluid build-up, pressure, and pain. The only way to relieve this pressure and avoid removing the tooth is by undergoing root canal treatment.

A smile-saving procedure, root canal treatment begins with your dentist creating a small opening in the top of your compromised tooth. He will then draw the inflamed pulp tissue out through the opening and replace it with a sedative material. The sedative material then eliminates inflammation and helps to dry up the fluid inside your tooth.

Once the inflammation and pain are gone, the sedative material is removed and replaced with an inert material that is left inside your tooth. The small opening is sealed with a permanent filling, and your root canal is complete.

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You deserve to enjoy a complete, healthy smile. You also deserve to enjoy a beautiful smile without annoying tooth pain. Now, you can have it all, thanks to root canal treatment from Dr. Ralph T. Mazzuca. To learn more about the benefits of root canal treatment, call your dentist in Washington D.C. today by dialing (202) 537-1088.