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Our Teeth Whitening Services

When teeth whitening is performed by a dentist, they are able to use a much higher concentration of bleach solution that you will find in at-home kits. They also activate the solution losing UV light. This means that you will get brighter and more even results much quicker than you would at home. Teeth whitening under dental supervision also protects your gums and mouth against burns or over-sensitivity. Dr. Ralph T. Mazzuca is a dentist in Washington DC, where he provides general and cosmetic dental services including in-chair teeth whitening.

How Our Teeth Whitening Restores Your Smile
If you are a Washington DC dental patient with discolored teeth, you can benefit from Dr. Mazzuca’s in-chair teeth whitening because it can lighten your teeth color by up to eight shades. With good oral hygiene, the results can last for up to five years.

Bleaching can work for you if your teeth are discolored from drinking tea or coffee, smoking, or from aging. If your discoloration is deep inside the tooth and caused by taking certain medications or tooth decay, then teeth whitening will not work. If you are not certain if teeth whitening will work for you, don’t worry, Dr. Mazzuca will evaluate your smile and tell you if you are a good candidate. In some cases where bleaching will not be effective, Dr. Mazzuca may recommend veneers or crowns. If you already have these types of restorations, they do not bleach, so you may need to replace them so that they match the new color of your whitened teeth.

If you live in Washington DC, and you would like to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening, call Dr. Mazzuca at (202) 537-1088. He is always happy to answer all your questions and address your dental concerns.