Don't Let Gaps Control Your Smile

Don't Let Gaps Control Your Smile

A smile gap--you know, it's that empty space where you've lost a tooth. Of course, you don't like the way it looks, but did you know that dental implantsgaps control your smile in other ways besides personal appearance? Dr. Ralph Mazzuca places dental implants at his Washington, DC, office to eliminate the many unfortunate consequences of teeth lost to dental decay, gum disease, and oral trauma. Implants are premiere tooth replacements, so natural in form and function, that patients take back control of their smiles. Read all about dental implants here.

Dental implant particulars

A dental implant differs from conventional tooth replacement options, such as fixed bridges, because it replaces a missing tooth--literally from root to crown. Additionally, multiple implants may support partial or full dentures or bridgework.

How does an implant work? Well, it has three parts:

  • A titanium metal screw or cylinder that is surgically-inserted into the jaw where the natural tooth once resided
  • A metal abutment, or post, that extends above the gums
  • A realistic porcelain crown

During a simple procedure at his Washington, DC, office, Dr. Mazzuca installs the dental implant and then allows the site to fully heal over the course of many weeks. As it heals, the implant site undergoes osseointegration, a natural bonding process that knits the jaw bone to the implant device. Osseointegration creates the solid foundation dental implants are known for. When the implant is fully integrated, the dentist can bond the extension post and crown in place, finishing the restorative process.

Qualifying for dental implants

Most teens and older adults who are missing teeth do qualify. Good overall and oral health, as well as adequate jaw bone density, are critical to implant success. Dr. Mazzuca does a thorough oral exam, including digital X-rays and CT scanning to determine a patient's suitability for implants. Then, he can present the patient with options for tooth replacement.

Benefits of dental implants

There are so many, but the most important is how well a dental implant mimics a natural tooth. Truly, the implant looks, feels and acts like a real tooth, and in fact, as a patient bites and chews on it, the implant site is exercised and strengthened. There's no slippage as with dentures, and gums and underlying jaw bone keep their size and shape.

The Institute for Dental Implant Awareness documents up to a 98 percent success rate for dental implants. Longevity depends on good oral hygiene--that is, brushing twice a day and flossing to keep the site free of bacteria-laden plaque and tartar. Additionally, smoking cessation avoids a destructive condition called peri-implantitis. Resembling advanced gum disease, peri-implantitis compromises gum and bone health and often requires implant removal.

Could you receive dental implants in Washington, DC?

Find out! Arrange a consultation with Dr. Mazzuca and his team today. Call (202) 537-1088 for a convenient appointment, and take control of your smile gaps!