Create a New Smile With Veneers

Create a New Smile With Veneers

The appearance of a flaw on your teeth, whether it’s minor or moderate, can affect your smile and may even cause self-consciousness or lower your self-esteem. Among the most popular solutions to effectively conceal such flaws that Dr. Ralph Mazzuca of Ralph T. Mazzuca, D.D.S. in Washington, DC, offers is dental veneers. But is it really possible to create a new smile with veneers?

What Exactly are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are slim shells that are permanently attached to the fronts of your teeth to enhance their appearance. They are custom-designed to look like your natural teeth and can be utilized to conceal and repair dental imperfections like:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Irregularly-shaped or malformed teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Overlapping teeth

Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

Dental veneers may be suitable for you if:

  • You practice good oral care habits
  • Your overall health is in great shape
  • You have a healthy amount of tooth enamel

How Do You Craft a New Smile with Dental Veneers?

To get the ball rolling on your smile transformation, you will have a consultation with your dentist in Washington, DC, first. During the consultation, you’ll determine what kind of results you want to achieve and ensure that veneers are suitable for you.

A preparatory process will also be done before your permanent veneers are bonded. This necessitates the alteration of your tooth enamel. During this step, around 1-2 mm of enamel will be buffed to accommodate and provide the necessary space for the placement of your veneers.

Impressions of your teeth will likewise be taken. These are then given to a dental laboratory that will construct your dental veneers. As your veneers are being created, you may be required to wear temporary veneers to protect your teeth.

When your veneers are ready, your temporary veneers will be removed to attach the permanent ones. You and your dentist will verify if the fit, shape, and color of your permanent veneers are right before bonding them. Once you and your dentist are satisfied with the results, your veneers will be applied using special cement and a light to accelerate the process.

What are The Benefits of Dental Veneers?

  • A Natural Appearance. As mentioned earlier, they can mimic the properties of your natural teeth to give you that realistic-looking smile.
  • Veneers, particularly porcelain veneers, can last many years if you care for them properly. Additionally, they are resistant to staining and decay.
  • An Easy Solution for Enamel Loss. Veneers can work to replace damaged enamel. Even though your teeth enamel is strong, they can still wear down over time due to certain oral activities.
  • Easy Maintenance. Caring for dental veneers is similar to caring for your natural teeth.
  • Improved Self-Esteem. Dental veneers can renew the quality of your smile, therefore, improving your confidence and self-esteem as well.

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